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Accomodation & visas

Dear colleagues!

For accommodation in Moscow during the conference we would like to suggest hotel “Universitetskaya” located 10-15 minutes walk from the Botanical Garden of Moscow University near metro station “Lomonosovsky prospect” in the green quiet area.

Hotel web-site http://en.uhtl.ru/ English version, see Rooms and rates, at the moment they have 2017 prices, which will be a little higher next year

The best choice will be “Standart” rooms

  • single – 3500 rubles (60 $)
  • double (with double bed or two single beds) – 4500 or 4600 rubles (80 $) respectively
  • family semi-luxury suite – 6200 rubles (110 $)

Since May, 1, 2018 the hotel stops booking for private clients because of FIFA football championship. But we agreed that they will reserve necessary number of rooms for conference participants.

So as soon as you make your choice, please, DO NOT BOOK YOUR ROOM on the hotel web-site but let us know and we will reserve it ourselves.

For accommodation in St.-Petersburg we suggest hotel Andersen located not far from Botanical Garden of Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Photos of the rooms you can find on http://www.andersenhotel.ru/en/rooms

The hotel will provide special rates for conference participants:

  • Single room – about 80 $ per night
  • Double room (with double bed or two single beds) –about 100 $ per night
  • Double room superior - about 110 $ per night
  • Suite – about 140 $ per night

Again – you DO NOT NEED to book in on the hotel web-site. Please, let us know which room type do you prefer and we will make the reservation.


After we receive your registration form and passport copy we fill in an application for getting your invitation and submit it to special University department. In some time (maybe a month) they issue your invitation and depending on the country

  • either send it directly to Russian embassy or consulate in your country (then you will be invited to apply for your visa)
  • or send it to you (with our help) and you yourself contact the embassy or consulate to apply for your visa

In any case, we will stay in touch with you and will report what and when it will be necessary to do.

If you have any questions, please write us. We will be happy to answer them.

For all questions, please, contact Executive Secretary of the conference Katya Romanova by e-mail: syringaconference2018@gmail.com


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