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Oral presentations and posters are scheduled

Languages: English and Russian.

To submit your abstract and application form, please, use the e-mail: syringaconference2018@gmail.com. Application form should be sent before November, 15, 2017. Please, provide separate application form for each accompanying person.

Abstracts should be received before January, 1, 2018. Please, note that we won’t be able to print abstracts received after this date.

All abstracts should be not more than 5 pages, typed in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, size 12pt, no formatting. All abbreviations and symbols should be deciphered.

Please provide annotation (volume 100-250 words) and key words (5-10).

It is planned to print the book of ‘Procedures of the Conference’ which will also be published on the MSU Botanical Garden web site http://www.botsad.msu.ru by the beginning of the conference.

For all questions, please, contact Executive Secretary of the conference Katya Romanova by e-mail: syringaconference2018@gmail.com


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