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Preliminary program

May, 21 (Monday) – welcome of participants, registration, tour of the MSU Botanical Garden, Tea reception

May, 22 (Tuesday) –Presentations (10-18), after 18.00 – Evening bus tour of Moscow (Not Included in fee)

May, 23 (Wednesday) – excursions (Lilac Garden, N.V. Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden, Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (laboratory))

May, 24 (Thursday) – Presentations (10-17), 18.00-21.00 – Dinner reception in MSU Botanical Garden

May, 25 (Friday) – 10.00 departure to Saint-Petersburg by train (alternative – Friday night), 16.00- walking tour of evening St. Petersburg. Train tickets cost 40-50 $ depending on ruble rate.

May, 26 (Saturday) – tour of the Botanical Garden of Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, presentations – history of lilac in St. Petersburg, show of modern lilac cultivars of St. Peterburg.

May, 27 (Sunday) – festival «Lilac promenade in Pavlovsk», presentations of session 6 (unusual collections).

May, 28 (Monday) – departure of the participants.

For all questions, please, contact Executive Secretary of the conference Katya Romanova by e-mail: syringaconference2018@gmail.com


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